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Alum-E-Shield Protects your metal from pressure treated lumber containing CA or ACQ

With the introduction of the new pressure treated lumber products many contractors have found that a barrier is needed to keep their metal safe. The new wood products containing CA or ACQ have higher levels of copper than previous pressure treated lumbers. These products when in contact with metal panels or aluminum faced insulation, such as ESP Low-E® Insulation, can cause electrolysis or rusting. At the request of customers and contractors ESP has answered with a brand new product designed specifically for this application. Alum-E-Shield is a light-weight peel and stick product made to make installation fast and easy!


1) Alum-E Shield must completely cover the pressure treated lumber containing CA or ACQ where it will contact metals. Product cannot have any rips, tears, etc. For Alum-E Shield to perform as a physical barrier it must maintain a continuous and unbroken surface. Any seams should be taped (with approved tape) or overlapped.

2) Even though Alum-E Shield will seal tightly around fasteners, no warranty can be given for chemical transfer from fasteners to metal or insulation.

3) Only fasteners that are approved by the building supplier should be used (i.e. stainless steel). Alum-E Shield will not protect fasteners directly in contact with the pressure treated lumber containing CA or ACQ.

4) Alum-E Shield cannot be guaranteed to protect any products past the point of contact with Alum-E shield.

5) Alum-E Shield will not protect against chemical transfer from pressure treated lumber containing CA or ACQ to water that seeps or runs to other areas of buildings.

6) Alum-E Shield will only protect against direct contact of pressure treated lumber containing CA or ACQ and metal.

7) Due to the limited experience and testing of this pressure treated lumber containing CA or ACQ; ESP, Inc can only warrant Alum-E-Shield. ESP, Inc. will not supply any other guarantees as to the complete and total performance of this product.

Benefits of Alum-E-Shield Protectant:

• Acts as a buffer between new lumber products containing ca or acq and your metal panels or insulation with aluminum facing

• Peel and stick backing makes it easy to install

• Saves time and money

• Seals tight around fasteners

• Manufactured using recycled closed cell foam

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