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Low-E Housewrap

ESP Low-E® Housewrap. Just what builders have been looking for! A housewrap that does more than simply stop drafts. A pure aluminum facing that is heat bonded to one or both sides of closed cell polyethylene foam, then the product is pin perforated. This results in a housewrap that acts not only as a superior air infiltration barrier, effectively sealing up cracks or gaps in the external sheathing, but it also adds an insulation to the exterior of the home blocking up to 97% of radiant heat. This results in better year round efficiency and comfort levels. Also unlike other house-wraps or insulating products that are traditionally used, ESP Low-E® Housewrap is totally non-toxic, and its performance is not affected by initial exposure to the elements. This product is available in 4′ x 125′ rolls that weigh only about 20lbs. Installation is a breeze, using only a staple gun and razor knife it is installed just like your average housewrap

The housewrap upgrade that pays for itself

In a space thinner than a pancake, you can dramatically improve a home’s energy efficiency. Using the same reflective technology that protects NASA astronauts from the sun’s searing heat, ESP Low-E® lnsulating Housewrap blocks 97% of radiant heat transfer through the walls.

Siding Replacement

Energy efficiency and lowering heating and cooling costs are top priorities for American homeowners. Home improvement contractors can meet those demands with ESP Low-E® Housewrap. With ESP Low-E®, an ordinary residing job whether wood, vinyl, steel or fiber cement – becomes an energy-saving improvement that qualifies for Energy Tax Credits.

New construction

You can meet tough standards for more energy-efficient construction without dramatically increasing your cost. Use conventional two-by-four framing and insulation but upgrade to ESP Low-E® lnsulating Housewrap for performance comparable to expensive six-inch wall systems.

House protected by ESP Low-E®
Reflective Insulation Housewrap  House with
conventional housewrap

Two Illinois homes built only 25 yards apart are virtually identical, with one key difference. One was built with ESP Low-E® Reflective Insulation Housewrap, the other with traditional house wrap.

On an 85° summer day, the interior walls of both homes were photographed from inside with a heat-measuring infrared camera. The photos on the left show walls covered with ESP Low-E® House Wrap. The photos on the right show walls with traditional house wrap.

The walls protected by ESP Low-E® Housewrap all but stopped radiant heat transfer. The walls with traditional house wrap showed dramatic heat gain, absorbing heat and re-radiating it through the fiberglass insulation.

After l2 months, the homeowners compared energy bills. The ESP Low-E homeowner had saved more than $250 compared to his neighbor.

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